Trees are indeed a beauty. But to keep their beauty alive, they require proper maintenance, regular trimming and pruning from time to time. Sometimes trees need to be cut if it dies or becomes diseased. All these tasks require the assistance of arborists or else you can get yourself into most dangerous situations. Without experience, expertise and skills, tree surgery can often lead to severe injuries, so it’s better to understand some of the serious risk factors related to it.

  1. Falls

Falls are one of the common risk factors and are quite obvious. Working at great heights can be quite risky. One may fall off the ladder, roof or the tree itself while climbing.

  1. Being struck

One can be struck by any of the falling objects such as limb or branch of the tree.

  1. Cuts

Cuts are often caused by improper use of tools and equipment such as hacksaw or chainsaw. When cutting down a tree, these are one of the most common types of injuries received by people.

  1. Electrocution

This injury is most obvious in the areas where people have to work near the wires such as power lines. When the tree to be worked on is planted near such areas, a person may get himself/herself injured by accidentally touching the wire could knock the wires down causing the arborist or tree surgeon to be touched by the falling wire.

  1. Eye injuries

Cutting the trunk and branches of a tree can make the particles of chips of wood and sawdust airborne. These particles can get into the eyes and cause some serious eye infection such as scratch, corneal abrasion or any cut. While disposing off the stump or branches of the tree at tree cutting site, the pieces of sawdust or wood coming out of the chipper can be injurious to the eyes.

  1. Bites and Stings

A tree is a home to many insects and small animals. When a tree cutter cuts the tree or does any work in their home place, they attack that person. Wasps or bees with hives in the tree and ants may sting while squirrels, raccoons and other small animals may bite.

  1. Scrapes

Scrapes can be caused when bare skin comes in contact with the tree bark. Sometimes, splinters of wood and other dust particles might get into the opened skin and cause infection.

  1. Poisoning

Some trees might be grown up by the poisonous plants including poison oak, poison sumac and poison ivy. Detecting these plants can be difficult as they blend with the leaves of the tree. Exposure to such poisonous plants can be very dangerous and cause serious diseases such as infections, blistering, dermatitis and other allergic reactions.

  1. Amputations

Due to operator errors or malfunction of equipment such as chippers or another kind of heavy tools, the risk of amputation of hands, fingers or any other part is elevated.

  1. Impact injuries

The breaking of a climbing rope, equipment failure or any unfortunate event can lead to hazardous situations. The tree cutter could be pinned against some other structure and result in serious injuries.