The tree trimming is important for the growth of the trees. With the passage of time trees grows and some branches can die or get a break from the weather conditions. Sometimes the branches of the trees get infected and have to be removed from the tree to protect the other branches. The trimming is important to protect your tree from the diseases and have healthy growth. When you ignore the maintenance of the trees, they grow in all directions and become untidy. The thick branches become thick and prevent the direct sunlight to reach to other parts of the branches. Too much growth of the trees can affect the air circulation, and increase the chances of the tree diseases. The broken and diseased branches that can’t be removed on the time can fall and may cause some serious injuries. The crossed and split branches of the trees are an extra load on the trees and affect their healthy growth. The tree trimming process contains different steps or procedure like climbing and pruning, for this, you need powerful tools and skillful person. There are the following some basic safety tips for trimming the trees.


Before starting the trimming process you should protect your hands with the leather gloves. Wear the close-fitting dress with a hard top hat. The process is dusty and may affect your eyes dangerously; the wood particles and insects can damage your eyes. So you have to wear transparent glasses for maximum protection. The machines used for tree trimming are chainsaw or trimmers and they have a loud voice that can damage your ears, for this, you must have ear protection products. In the last don’t forget to wear a safety belt before climbing the tall trees.

Pre-work assessment:

There are many different types of tree with different types of structure. For trimming them you need different strategies with different tools. Place your ladder on the strong branch of the tree, and have a safety belt to have fall protection. Also checks the news before starting the trimming, the weather can affect your work or can be dangerous for your life. You must inspect the tree carefully before starting the process, there is no electric wire or pole near you. The tree is clear from dangerous animals like snake or bees. At last, you must inspect your tools, are they working properly or sharped well.

Protection of workers:

Before starting the work you must draw the boundary around you for the safety of your coworker and public. If you are working on the public place you must have to stop the traffic of the people from that area. The safety signs of working in progress should be placed to aware of the public. And also keep a distance from the power supply lines near you.

Inspection of the trees:

The break or weak branch can be dangerous for climbing; you should cut the dead limbs before climbing up the tree. Never try to get support from the weak or split branches, always try to place your feet’s on the proper and strong branch. Should work slowly and carefully after inspecting the whole area. Try to have some helper with you on the ground to assist you in the trimming process.